Communities of Suttoc Paccha, Cuncani and Lares Ayllu Talana

Because of the residents of the community of Suttoc Paccha, awareness activities are carried out for the recovery, conservation and zoning of the area, which in the lower part have agriculture and pasture land, and in the upper part – above 3,800 m.a.s.l. – have forests of queuñales, lagoons, wetlands and a diversity of flora and fauna, proper of these ecosystems.

It has been made evaluations of flora, fauna, mapping and monitoring plans for the care of these resources, as well as afforestation activities. Thus, different tourist services are being implemented for the route Suttoc Paccha connecting with the communities of Cuncani and Lares Ayllu Talana.

Abra de Malaga

The area has a diversity of flora and fauna where you can see the native forests of queuña of Cuyo Cuyo. When passing through Suttoc Paccha you can observe lagoons, such as Lamarcoccha, Yanacoccha and Pucacoccha, wetlands, mammals, such as the puma, Andean fox, montane viscacha and deer. All this represents the natural wealth supporting the tourist circuit of the province of Urubamba and the Sacred Valley of the Incas.


Geographic Characteristics

The community of Suttoc Paccha is located in the district and province of Urubamba in the Region Cusco, as the access route of the population of Urubamba, and the community of Suttoc Paccha is 20 minutes far by an asphalted road, being its gathering point the community hall.

Tourist Aspects

The tourist circuit within the area of the communities of Suttoc Paccha and Cuncani, you can see many attractions of scenery beauty. The tourist routes are:

The Paccha Route - Siclla Kasa – Cuncani

The tour takes 2 to 3 days. The first day starts early, leaving Cusco towards Urubamba, to go to the community hall of Suttoc Paccha, where you arrive by an unpaved road. From there you start the trek to Chupani sector, where you will observe nature and birds. Then, in Pacchapata you will have lunch and camp. The route continues uphill observing high Andean landscapes and South American camelids until you get to rest in Cuyoc Pampa. From here, you climb up the Cuyoc ravine, pass through a forest of queuñas to reach the Sicllakasa pass, at 4,500 m.a.s.l. A section of the QhapaqÑan and the majesty of the lagoons of Pucacocha and Yanacocha will be visited. Then, you will descend to the camping area of Cuncani. The road continues to the community of Lares, to get to the thermal baths.


The Suttoc Route- Siclla Kasa Cuncani

It is an alternate route that can be made in 2 or 3 days, starting the trek from the community of Suttoc Paccha to the Chupani sector, continuing through the Suttoc ravine that connects with the Lamarcocha lagoon, a place of rest in the area of camping. The trek continues through the forest of queuñales in Suttoc Paccha - over 4,000 meters of altitude – and, then, through the Sicllakasa pass. From there, you descend to the community of Cuncani or continue to Lares, and enjoy its thermal baths.